Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rootbeer Road Trip: Stewart's Root Beer Stand

I'm back on the east coast to start this wacky journey of ours and periodically finagle a root beer review. Because of that, these may prove to be rapid fire reviews. Don't expect too much wit and humor. Maybe you didn't think I had much. . . in which case I shouldn't disappoint too badly.

In hindsight it was an auspicious beginning. Not a bad beginning, but then again nothing to blog about either. At least that is what I kept telling Adam. Seriously any more than one root beer a day is asking for a world of hurt in terms of taste evaluation from me. Since you are reading this, he did not heed my sage advice and the "experience" was enough for a late night recap.

Well let us start with my favorite part, the bottle. It's back to the brown glass that I am partial to, and it even has it's name embossed on it.

That is all for the positive. Really it is.

Actually the rest is not negative, and that is the problem for me. Stewart's is pretty unremarkable. It is not creamy, not sweet, not aromatic, and not bold. I would have preferred if they had been adventurous and failed. At least I would not have felt like I wasted my time. After the 3rd and 4th swig, I was not amused by the lack of flavor.

Stewart's is like the middle child in the family, just kind of there. Not the responsible one, the smart one, the athletic one, and not the popular one. The one everyone asks who that is in the Christmas picture sent out to relatives during the holiday.

And so for taking precious time out of our coast to coast jaunt across America and not adding any value to it, Stewart receives 2 frosty mugs


Ray may have a point.... this was a stop that happened for nostalgia's sake only. It is not common to find these old Stewart's Roadside Root Beer Stands still in operation. In fact maybe only a couple dozen exist in modern day. But if we go back to the hay-day of root beer, these road side stands along with many other branded brews with their own operation of similar sort, were dotted along most major roads in the country. The fact of the matter is that those roadside stands made sense back then. That was before the time when we would buy a case (suite case) of soda and throw it in our fridge for a staple of hydration. Back in the old days soda was a treat and root beer was sweetest treat of all. Once a week would be considered too often by most parents of those days. In modern day, parents try to limit their kids to no more than 2 cans a day!!!

So it goes without saying that this old Stewart's Roadside Stand is also quickly falling out of relevancy. Sofia, the very nice owner/operator is making a very good go at it, all the same. The menu has expanded from the typical "dogs & burgers" which is most common with these stands. She offers a very wide variety of sandwiches which more align with local flavor. She was almost gitty, like my young daughters, when I explained who we were and what we were doing. Honestly that made the rather long side track well worth it. So after many months of being over due, I want to personally say "Thank you, Sophia, for keeping the Root Beer Dream ALIVE!!!"

So as Ray and I slowly muddle over our notes and failing memories as we begin to finally post our reviews from our September 2011 Rootbeer Road Trip.... I promise that our other stops were as tasty as this stop was nostalgic!!!! No offense intended, Sophia!!! Stewart's has much going for it...... but its more history and nostalgia....... than....... taste..... Stewart's was one of my first reviews back in 2007..... long before my experience was better grounded in much better brew..... so with that in mind it would not be good for me to re-review this old friend Stewart's.... after all, History does go a long way...... at least with me...... back then I gave it a half a frosty mug over the Rootbeer Standard.... because it was in glass....... so it shall remain.... 3.5 frosty Mugs
check out my review from 07'

On to the BIG OOOOOOOOO-HI-OOOOOOOOOOOO .... but not before we stopped for roast pork subs at Tony Luke's!!!!!


check out Sophia's "Stewart's Root Beer Stand" which is located at:
537 South White Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ
 Ray & Adam begin the 2011 Rootbeer Roadtrip in Atlantic City, NJ 

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