Friday, February 10, 2012

Ye Olde Brooklyn Brew Review

Dear enthusiasts,

Whereas I'm starting to worry about being disowned (while my consumption hasn't really waned, my reviewing certainly has), I endeavor to tell you about this passable root beer I recently imbibed.

Following on the heels of Marc's recent review of Old Town Root Beer, I give you Olde Brooklyn. Given root beer's storied past and sentimental goodness, it isn't surprising that a lot of companies go for "old" in their branding (see Olde Heritage and Olde Philadelphia brews, previously reviewed on this site). In fact, the word "old" isn't even enough, we need to add an "e" on the end, as in olde, indicating a root beer so traditional, so established, so illustrious, that the even the spelling hasn't changed in hundreds of years.

In Olde Brooklyn's case, it is made by White Rock, established 1871, and "one of America's oldest beverage companies." While the Olde Brooklyn imprint hasn't been around that long, White Rock is certainly no fly-by-night beverage manufacturer. They also make the Sioux City line of soda pops, including, of course, Sioux City Root Beer. Still, root beer is just one note in their portfolio, which includes seltzers, mixers, drink boxes, a rainbow of soft drink flavors, and even organic sodas. That's not a bad thing, but don't be fooled: this is no small batch, hand-crafted brew.

The Olde Brooklyn line is touted on the White Rock website as having "more flavoring and less carbonation" (more and less than what it doesn't say), and that this somehow captures the "flavor and nostalgia" of the famous Brooklyn neighborhoods. Whatever you say, marketing guys.

All knee-jerk snarking against advertising mumbo jumbo aside, Olde Brooklyn is a decent root beer that I would gladly sample again. It is cane-sweetened and lives up to its low carbonation billing. It is creamy and carmely (carmelish?) with vague hints of anise and/or vanilla (it contains both natural and artificial flavors).

At the end of the day it is nothing spectacular. But it is eminently smooth, so smooth in fact, due to that lack of carbonation, that if I closed my eyes I was just a step away from drinking some kind of root beer milk. Memorable? Not terribly. Delicious? Yes.

I give it 3 frosty mugs.

- Joe

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Anonymous said...

That stuff tastes like port-o-let juice and has the. piss froth to go with it. Save your money and stop by your local construction site if you really want to try this brew.