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The Birth Home of A&W Remodeled: Lodi, CA

A&W Lodi, CA - photo from
In 1919 A&W was one among many new root beer formulas reaching to grab the attention of brew lovers everywhere.  The very humble beginning of the Rootbeer Brothers Standard has certainly not reflected it's current status within the world of root beer.  As the world's number one sold root beer, A&W in contrast began as one of the least influential; especially when compared to the original root beer, Hires.  But just as Charles Hires made many wise marketing decisions, so too did Roy Allen and Frank Wright seek after significant market share in unique ways.  Their root beer gained its greatest ground in their franchise efforts; as their root beer stands began to dot the country, the brand gained more and more recognition.  The A&W restaurant chain has experienced many changes over the years, including most recently being sold off once again, but with each change progress has been achieved.  Despite these changes one location has remained firm in their role as an A&W Root Beer Stand..... the very first location in Lodi, California.  This location was Roy Allen's original spot for selling fresh frosty mugs of root beer for 5 cents.  When Roy decided he wanted to expand Frank Wright, then an employee at the Lodi location, wanted "IN" and A&W was born.  In so many ways it is clear that Lodi is where it all began.

Recently the current owner, Peter Knight, embarked on a journey to remodel the Lodi A&W location.  His vision was to make the original A&W location modernized with improved aesthetics, a drive-thru window, new chairs & tables, and more "green.."  His vision was realized after closing for 6-weeks and making a considerable investment; ensuring the longevity of this most historic artifice of America's very own beverage.  It is certainly a comfort to know that one day..... when the Brothers find themselves in central California, that we will be able to sit and enjoy a frosty mug of the Standard..... in the same place that started it all......

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