Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teddy's Root Beer - A Gun Shot Start

If this particular brew has a beginning it must be on the tragic day of September 6th, 1901, the day President McKinley was initially shot by an assassin and died as a result of his wound a week later.  Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, then the Vice President, took the oath of office on September 14th and became the 26th President of the United States of America.  I am not sure how the creator of the "Bull Moose" Party (predecessor to the modern day "Tea Party") and adored President has in relation to root beer.  The Unique Beverage Company in Everett, Washington apparently has uncovered this connection and has thus named an entire premium soda line after him.

I discovered this 1 Liter plastic bottled brew in the soda section of my local grocery store.  I was immediately reminded of my early childhood memories of swimming and fishing near the Roosevelt Dam north of Phoenix....... as a kid I assumed anyone with a Dam named after them had to be awesome.  I later learned in school that in fact President Teddy was in fact an awesome stand up guy and a very liked President.  After my quick reminiscent experience I began to question if this, or for that matter any, root beer could really live up to this legendary guy?

I was surprised to find that although this brew fell very short of filling Teddy's boots, so to speak, it was in fact a nice brew.  The carbonation and head was moderate, dark foam, and presented an aroma that is typical of good brew.  This root beer boasts that it is America's Favorite...... certainly they are referring to the President and not this brew.  However, they also describe it as rich and creamy which it is in fact just that.  The creamy texture is followed up by a very distinct slight wintergreen flash of root beer extract that speaks to traditional old time root beer (as mentioned by Joe).  I paid $1 for this 1 liter brew and I would do so again.... in fact I might take it on my next hunting or fishing trip just so I can say I went with Teddy!!!!

This Presidential Brew gets 3.5 Frosty Mugs........


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Kristen said...

I was hoping the RB Brothers would try Teddy's and report on it. Our family likes Teddy's quite a bit and thinks that for the price it is a steal! We also love Teddy's Cream Soda!

Kayla Fisher said...

I, also, enjoy this root beer to the exclusion of most of the big soda company root beers. The only complaint I have is it's always sold out!