Saturday, April 7, 2012

Faygo Classic: Brew of Choice in Area 51

During my move from Las Vegas to Winnemucca I drove next to Area 51..... Yes that Area 51..... the X-Files place...super secret government cover-up place to store dead aliens and their broken UFO's...... Alienville, if you will..... so with the clear warning on this billboard I figured I should gas-up and stock-up.   To my surprise I discovered a new root beer, at least I thought it was a new brew.... as I investigated further the can revealed that it was in fact an old brew in a new can.... Faygo!!!!   I quickly realized that this was the same Faygo that Jeff and I reviewed back in 2007... check out our reviews

But with a closer look under the light of the illuminated alien sign I realized that this was a retro-brew, a throwback as they more recently term it....  Yes this is labeled as "Faygo Classic" made with a pure cane sugar blend.... the nutrition facts list "inverted  cane sugar".... inverted sugar?????  Where else would such a monstrosity happen then the neighborhood of Area 51!!!!  ..... WHAT IS IN THIS ALIEN BREW??????

I did some digging and uncovered that by most accounts from health food activists.... this is no better than the HFCS that is in the more modern Faygo... in fact based on the reports I received it is a HOAX..... yes it is just a way to appear to be more healthy when in fact IT IS NOT..... a hoax at Area 51.... no surprise there!!!!  I began to worry that some geeky kid would run up to me and sell me tickets to watch an authentic alien autopsy.....  honestly I would have paid for those tickets if for nothing more than the entertainment factor.... but Faygo.....REALLY........ you can't fool me.... even in a place like this!!!!

But as many of our fans know, I am no health food activist.... HFCS may as well be one of my good friends.... shoot it often goes with me everywhere I go...... why not throw in HFCS's first cousin Inverted Sugar Cane (ISC)  the reason why I would bring this cousin along.... TASTE!!!!

Yes this Faygo is hands down better than the Faygo I reviewed in 07'.....  Same root beer extract.... same RBB Standard aroma.... but a sweetness that I am loving.....  there certainly is something good in that backwards much so that 1/2 a Frosty Mug is on the line....
I think I may be coming to a better understanding of why I found this here... the aliens love Faygo but cant metabolize our HFCS so they inverted sugar and made ISC which is just as tasty as HFCS but easier for them to keep down........ Thank You ET....... can I get some to-go please ..... this brew is out of this world..... 3.5 Frosy Mugs


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