Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Root Beer Taxation - By State

As Americans take their last opportunity to come clean with the IRS we Brothers thought that we could address another related issue on Tax Day 2012!!

Root Beer Taxation is by far one of the most vile efforts a state government can take to fund their annual budget.  One might as well tax a person for displaying a flag on their porch..... think about it.... drinking root beer is as patriotic as waving Old Glory at an Independence Day parade.  The fact of the matter is Root Beer is American, it stands for American ideals and values, it is red, white, & blue through and through.  So whats up with the tax?????

Most state governments agree with us Brothers as they have banned Root Beer Taxation in their respective states.  However 10 states have not made such a ban and either directly tax the purchase of root beer or allow the local city government to do so.  The following is our list of guilty states:

Tennessee 5%  - seriously Tennessee, Elvis would be ashamed
Virginia 2.5%  - no wonder Dominion Root Beer moved to Delaware
West Virginia 2% - we no longer feel bad about all those hillbilly jokes
Utah 1.75% - taking advantage of all the Mormon's who don't drink the "other" beer
Arkansas 1.5% - just trying to top their northern neighbors
Missouri 1.25% - taking advantage of Fitz's fans
Illinois 1% - hoping Fitz's crosses the big river
No Ban on City Root Beer Taxation: Georgia, Louisiana, & North Carolina

Taxation without Root Beer Representation MUST STOP!!!!!

We Brothers extend our gratitude and full political support to those states and politicians who oppose Root Beer Taxation!!!   So should YOU!!!!

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