Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Got Moxie? Then Join the New England Moxie Congress

Many root beers can claim great achievements such as being the first brew, best selling brew, brew with the best logo, most gourmet brew, and even the worst tasting.  However, no brew can claim having its own congress, none that is except for the distinctively different brew, Moxie.

The New England Moxie Congress (NEMC) was established in 1991 as a "loosely-knit band of Moxie zealots and fellow travelers who collect Moxie-related memorabilia, promote the drink's availability, get together for parades and clambakes, and some who actually drink the stuff"!!!  Basically it was for all of us extremists who love the stout root beer, Moxie, despite our better judgement!!!! 

The NEMC primarily serve as a spearhead for efforts to further advance the access to distinctively different root beer..... the fact of the matter is Moxie's history begs for greater distribution but until very recently only Maine and a few select locations had access to Moxie.  Through the efforts of the NEMC and other like-minded individuals Moxie awareness has increased.... one day people everywhere will come to know and love or hate the original stout root beer.

If you think you Got Moxie then maybe you too can secure your seat in congress.... the Moxie Congress that is......

To learn more about the New England Moxie Congress go to:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Root Beer Vacation in a Box: WOW Gift Boxes Review

 When I was first contacted by the good people at WOW Gift Boxes I had no idea what was in store for me.  I figured that if someone was going to offer me a box of root beer how could I refuse.... better yet why would I refuse?  I expected to receive a box of A&W as they had described it to me over facebook messages.

What I didn't expect was to discover a Root Beer Destination inside this box!!!!!

"WOW" is about the only word that describes what I discovered when I removed the delicate red ribbon from this elegant box..... beneath the lid of the "The Great American Root Beer Gift Box" I discovered a delightful world where the RBB Standard, A&W, flows freely from tall glass mugs and where Jelly Beans taste just like an American classic soft drink....... where even BBQ sauce drips out of barrels of root beer.... WOW Gift Boxes sent me a gift box but that gift box sent me to the beaches of root beer paradise!!!!

 It was my purpose to review the gift box but honestly it's hard to work when your on vacation!!!  In Root Beer Paradise I couldn't stop having fun, first I christened my new A&W Mug with the Standard by pouring it like Tom Cruise did in the movie "Cocktail".... you know, the long pour..... then I fired up the grill and slowly cooked some of the best root beer bbq chicken I ever tasted.  Next I shared some of my great bounty with the local natives of Root Beer Paradise .... oddly, they looked just like my wife and kids?????  

Adam doing the long pour to Christen his new mug
 The natives and I devoured chicken leg after chicken leg, washing each bite down with creamy A&W, but then the Queen of Paradise requested a "Diet"..... lucky for me those good people at WOW had me covered.....

After the grand meal the desert course was served which included Jelly Belly's, Mrs. Fields cookies, Claeys fudge, and butter-toffee corn...... Man I love this place!!!!!

I eventually had to acknowledge that my vacation to paradise was coming to a close.... I washed my new mug in the crisp beach water, thanked the locals for their warm welcome, kissed the Queen (on the lips...but not for long, I am no fan of the diet brew), replaced the lid, and wrapped the box with the delicate red ribbon..... there and back again.

I will always look back at my vacation to Root Beer Paradise with great fondness.... it is certainly going to be a memory that will last my lifetime.... but if I ever want to return I know where to buy 2 tickets to paradise...... thank you WOW Gift Boxes for my well needed vacation... and for the new mug which will get great use during my many brew reviews ahead!!!!!


buy your 2 tickets to Root Beer Paradise from WOW Gift Boxes at

Root Beer Paradise

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dominion Root Beer (Is It a Stag)

It’s a warm day in May and found myself with nothing but time on my hands for the first time in many, many weeks. I was munching on some peanut butter and saltines and found myself thirsty for some root beer goodness. I reached way in the back of my fridge and pulled out a Dominion that brother Adam gave to me some time back. Here’s another company that has its roots in alcoholic brews but this particular brew doesn’t disappoint in its non-alcoholic.

 The label was simple in design and the large stag deer led me to believe it was touting its dominance. It’s made with pure honey and that is definitely a plus! The color was a nice dark brown and the aroma test was typical of most root beers. The only surprise I got with this brew was the “not too sweet” taste test. It had enough “sweet” but not overwhelming at all. The carbonation was a medium light and was easy to chug in my Steelers mug. The flavor was very nice and that of a typical higher grade root beer. Vanilla is the last ingredient on the list but seemed to be more than a hint.

Overall this brew was very good. It may be hard to find unless you live in Virginia. Most of the areas that stock it are there. There are a couple of spots in Maryland and Pennsylvania. It’s also available on tap. Here’s a link to a nice video from Dominion:

I give this brew 3.5 Frosty Mugs


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The RBB College of Choice: Macon State

At just under a hundred thousand population Macon, Georgia is by no means a small town.  It has a nice array of retail, lodging, parks, and entertainment venues.  It also boasts seven colleges/universities!!  Yes 7!!!!   Among that 7 is the best college we Brothers have ever come to know.... now that says a lot since we Brothers have frequented many campuses.....

Macon State College enrolls about 1,000 students at any given time.  They offer a broad range of Bachelor and Associate Degrees that prepare graduates for the emerging technological advances of our modern world.  They claim to be the largest 4-year college in central Georgia and the recipient of prestigious awards.  But you know the RBB agenda...... none of this fancy pants stuff matters...... there is one thing this campus offers that no other does.... ROOT BEER PONG!!!!

In January they hosted a Root Beer Pong Tournament as an official student event.  It was FREE and served as an ice breaker for a guest speaker that discussed the legal ramifications of under-age drinking of the "other" beer.  We are certain they focused one the many reasons to drink the "rooted" beer.  A great event with a great message!!!!  

Pong it Up Macon State...... The Rootbeer Brothers Approve this Message!!!!

check out Macon State College at: