Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The RBB College of Choice: Macon State

At just under a hundred thousand population Macon, Georgia is by no means a small town.  It has a nice array of retail, lodging, parks, and entertainment venues.  It also boasts seven colleges/universities!!  Yes 7!!!!   Among that 7 is the best college we Brothers have ever come to know.... now that says a lot since we Brothers have frequented many campuses.....

Macon State College enrolls about 1,000 students at any given time.  They offer a broad range of Bachelor and Associate Degrees that prepare graduates for the emerging technological advances of our modern world.  They claim to be the largest 4-year college in central Georgia and the recipient of prestigious awards.  But you know the RBB agenda...... none of this fancy pants stuff matters...... there is one thing this campus offers that no other does.... ROOT BEER PONG!!!!

In January they hosted a Root Beer Pong Tournament as an official student event.  It was FREE and served as an ice breaker for a guest speaker that discussed the legal ramifications of under-age drinking of the "other" beer.  We are certain they focused one the many reasons to drink the "rooted" beer.  A great event with a great message!!!!  

Pong it Up Macon State...... The Rootbeer Brothers Approve this Message!!!!

check out Macon State College at: www.maconstate.edu

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