Saturday, May 26, 2012

Root Beer Vacation in a Box: WOW Gift Boxes Review

 When I was first contacted by the good people at WOW Gift Boxes I had no idea what was in store for me.  I figured that if someone was going to offer me a box of root beer how could I refuse.... better yet why would I refuse?  I expected to receive a box of A&W as they had described it to me over facebook messages.

What I didn't expect was to discover a Root Beer Destination inside this box!!!!!

"WOW" is about the only word that describes what I discovered when I removed the delicate red ribbon from this elegant box..... beneath the lid of the "The Great American Root Beer Gift Box" I discovered a delightful world where the RBB Standard, A&W, flows freely from tall glass mugs and where Jelly Beans taste just like an American classic soft drink....... where even BBQ sauce drips out of barrels of root beer.... WOW Gift Boxes sent me a gift box but that gift box sent me to the beaches of root beer paradise!!!!

 It was my purpose to review the gift box but honestly it's hard to work when your on vacation!!!  In Root Beer Paradise I couldn't stop having fun, first I christened my new A&W Mug with the Standard by pouring it like Tom Cruise did in the movie "Cocktail".... you know, the long pour..... then I fired up the grill and slowly cooked some of the best root beer bbq chicken I ever tasted.  Next I shared some of my great bounty with the local natives of Root Beer Paradise .... oddly, they looked just like my wife and kids?????  

Adam doing the long pour to Christen his new mug
 The natives and I devoured chicken leg after chicken leg, washing each bite down with creamy A&W, but then the Queen of Paradise requested a "Diet"..... lucky for me those good people at WOW had me covered.....

After the grand meal the desert course was served which included Jelly Belly's, Mrs. Fields cookies, Claeys fudge, and butter-toffee corn...... Man I love this place!!!!!

I eventually had to acknowledge that my vacation to paradise was coming to a close.... I washed my new mug in the crisp beach water, thanked the locals for their warm welcome, kissed the Queen (on the lips...but not for long, I am no fan of the diet brew), replaced the lid, and wrapped the box with the delicate red ribbon..... there and back again.

I will always look back at my vacation to Root Beer Paradise with great fondness.... it is certainly going to be a memory that will last my lifetime.... but if I ever want to return I know where to buy 2 tickets to paradise...... thank you WOW Gift Boxes for my well needed vacation... and for the new mug which will get great use during my many brew reviews ahead!!!!!


buy your 2 tickets to Root Beer Paradise from WOW Gift Boxes at

Root Beer Paradise


Eric said...

The only thing that could make it more paradisaical is if all of the brews came in glass bottles...

Adam Rootbeer said...

glass and the beach don't mix Eric... safety first my friend :)