Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Got Moxie? Then Join the New England Moxie Congress

Many root beers can claim great achievements such as being the first brew, best selling brew, brew with the best logo, most gourmet brew, and even the worst tasting.  However, no brew can claim having its own congress, none that is except for the distinctively different brew, Moxie.

The New England Moxie Congress (NEMC) was established in 1991 as a "loosely-knit band of Moxie zealots and fellow travelers who collect Moxie-related memorabilia, promote the drink's availability, get together for parades and clambakes, and some who actually drink the stuff"!!!  Basically it was for all of us extremists who love the stout root beer, Moxie, despite our better judgement!!!! 

The NEMC primarily serve as a spearhead for efforts to further advance the access to distinctively different root beer..... the fact of the matter is Moxie's history begs for greater distribution but until very recently only Maine and a few select locations had access to Moxie.  Through the efforts of the NEMC and other like-minded individuals Moxie awareness has increased.... one day people everywhere will come to know and love or hate the original stout root beer.

If you think you Got Moxie then maybe you too can secure your seat in congress.... the Moxie Congress that is......

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