Monday, June 25, 2012

Extra Dessert Delights: Root Beer Float Gum - Summer Has Arrived

Summer 2012 has officially arrived..... at least in our book!!
Many of our facebook fans have reported sightings but it wasn't until this week that we Brothers finally located a pack of the most anticipated gum in all history....
Extra Dessert Delights Root Beer Float Gum!!!!
As you can imagine when we did find it...... we bought it all!!!!
For a mere 97 cents you too can indulge in by far the best gum we have ever enjoyed.......
We found ours in the local Wal-Mart..... certainly it is being sold elsewhere... but Wal-Mart is a sure bet..... in fact we can now finally relate to the new Wal-Mart motto...  "Live Better"  :) 
 To describe the flavor of this gum we would simply direct you to your nearest A&W Root Beer ..... liberally add it to ice cream..... drink, swish, indulge...... that is what you will get in this amazing gum!!!  It tastes just like a root beer float.... and not just your run of mill store brand brew and ice cream..... this is name brand flavor!!!   If you haven't begun your summer season yet might we suggest you get started with a piece of gum!!!  
P.S. what puzzles us.... is they accomplished this great root beer achievement without the use of sugar or HFCS...... (applauding uncontrollably) these people are geniuses!!!

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Amy said...

I just bought some of this gum and it's now my FAVORITE. Love it. Amazing flavor, like really having a root beer treat. Went back and bought 3 packs so I don't run out.

I just googled, "is rootbeer float gum the best gum ever?" and this blog came up. Great review!