Monday, June 4, 2012

Root Beer Conspiracy: Vess Root Beer

Last year I came across a root beer brand called "Cott" it was in a clear glass bottle and ultimately was a waste of good glass.  I thought about writing up a review but went fishing instead.  The fact that none of the other Brothers have written a review of Cott only confirms to me that I made a good choice back then.  In fact I had expected to never think about that brand again but during a recent drive through Missouri my expectations would be let down.

I stopped to fill up my gas tank at a very overpriced station in the middle of nowhere-northern Missouri.  I initially thought the stop was worth it after discovering what appeared to me to be a root beer with history.  The label bearing a foamed up frosty mug stated "Established in 1916".  Now that is a pretty big deal to have a 3 year jump on our RBB Standard, A&W, so I figured this was going to be good, if for nothing else but historical value. In retrospect I was wrong on both accounts, my overpriced gas was not worth finding Vess Root Beer, and Vess has less history than any other store brand.

To my utter astonishment I discovered that Vess Root Beer was simply a generic brand in a new bottle.  Cott proudly states that "private label carbonated soft drinks are always pouring at Cott!'  Yes "Labels" not private recipes but labels!!!!!  

It has taken me some time to come to terms with this ever growing conspiracy.  I first learned of varied label brewing last year during a brewery tour.  In that case I understood, they were simply giving small mom & pop bars their own root beer for the kiddos that would come in with their parents.  Cool, I get that reason.  Finding an actual brand of root beer claiming to have such a vintage beginning only to in fact be just a label is very upsetting!!!!!

The brew was exactly like Cott but at least they didn't waste any glass this time, although the plastic  bottle was wasted.  Watered down, mild carbonation, foam that was short lived and presented nothing like the label pictured.  They also listed "HFCS and/or Sugar" is used as their sweetener!!!   They are not sure what they even put in their own brew!!!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! In my opinion this bottle contains "root beer and/or watered down left overs"!!! A store brand, yes, a good store brand, NO, a disappointing end, YES!!!!   I didn't get nauseated by the taste at least, but learning about this cover up did cause some dizziness.  I may one day offer an equally critical review of Cott, but I may slam them a bit harder for wasting a good glass bottle.  Since they conserved the glass on this "private label" I will be nice.  1.5 Frosty Mugs.

want more info about the conspiracy check out Cott

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Chris said...

Cott root beer or Vess has been a famous brand here in Canada Actually its one of the better root beers out there and I drink mug dad's a&w and barques. Handcrafted root beer is Little different but of the brands I listed Cott Is the best