Monday, July 30, 2012

The Great Bottle Cap Magnet Drop: Summer 2012

With 2000 miles between me and my final destination I decided to take advantage of the situation. I very recently hand made another batch of our bottle cap magnets and in the past enjoyed dropping these at various locations along my many journeys. The more I thought about the many ways and places that I could leave behind a little RBB the more excited I got about this long trip ahead of me!!!! Today I arrived at my destination in Western Ohio having left originally from Northern Nevada..... All along Interstate-80 I dropped our bottle cap magnets in the various stops we made along the way. I dropped them at gas pumps, in rest rooms, on vending machines, and even in geocaches. It is my hope to extend some of this love of root beer along to as many unsuspecting people as possible...... Your welcome :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grand Teton Root Beer - Pure Mountain Brew

When the primary ingredient of a root beer is  "pure Teton mountain spring water" there are a few things you can count on without even popping the top.  It will be refreshing, flavorful, and packed with natural ingredients.  These accomplishments were easily achieved by the good people at Grand Teton Brewing Company located in the heart of the Idaho Teton mountain range.

This brewery originally specialized in the "other" beer, as is the case with a majority of brewers, but back in 2003 they threw their hat into the soda bottling arena.  They recently developed their current line of sodas identify them as "Kettled Brewed".  When I first read this I immediately pictured an old cast iron kettle sitting over a camp fire.  You know, like a witches calderon, huge and eerie looking.  But I am sure in the Tetons the kettles are less eerie and the brewers probably don't ride brooms to work, so we're good.

All the same, kettle brewed root beer just sounds better so I am sure it plays a big factor.  On top of this they flavor their pure mountain spring water with cane sugar.... following the natural theme and all.... another ingredient to note is the maltodextrin.  Mike and I have spoken about this on a few occasions and we both agree that this is a key ingredient for root beer.  Essentially, maltodextrin adds volume, or thickness if you will, and for some reason that is a good thing.  In this particular case I can validate this notion.  The maltodextrin provides a perfect additional weight to the brew which results in a "lager" presentation.  I decided that a larger was exactly what I wanted from a mountain brewery, it only makes sense.

The brew overall was great! It carried a moderate sweetness, was very dark, provided a thick dark foam, and delivered a very distinct yet naturally flavored root beer journey.  It would fall in line with most other natural brews but carried a refreshing aspect that the others neglect.  It might be that water they steal from the mountain?  This brew was intended to be chilled in a Coleman ice chest and to be consumed in the great outdoors!!!  4 Frosty Mugs


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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Heat Wave's Best Cure: Live Smart Root Beer Float Ice Cream Bars

One of my awesome coworkers is doing their part to combat the sweltering heat that has landed on our great country. The National Weather Service has forecasted "dangerously hot temperatures" this weekend in a dozen states from the Midwest to mid-Atlantic. The heat index is predicted to hit 112F (44C) in some areas. So my coworker has stocked our break room fridge with some ice cream bars she purchased from the local Schwan's truck.

I was unaware that Schwan's foods produced any root beer products but to my utter amazement ...... They Do!!!

With the heat wave in full force this root beer frozen treat was just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it a perfect way to cool off during these dog days of summer but a very delicious way to enjoy yourself. The root beer ice shell carries a taste similar to that of the RBB Standard, A&W. The ice cream is creamy and carries a distinct vanilla flavor. Combined these frozen pals make for a great cure of the heat wave blues..... the best part is the Live Smart line are Schwan's low cal food options, this means not only can you enjoy a delicious cure for the heat but it will also be guilt free :)

We Brothers recognize that some of our fans are currently without electricity due to recent severe storms.... Which makes it especially difficult to gain shelter from this blistering heat. Our hearts go out to you.....


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