Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Heat Wave's Best Cure: Live Smart Root Beer Float Ice Cream Bars

One of my awesome coworkers is doing their part to combat the sweltering heat that has landed on our great country. The National Weather Service has forecasted "dangerously hot temperatures" this weekend in a dozen states from the Midwest to mid-Atlantic. The heat index is predicted to hit 112F (44C) in some areas. So my coworker has stocked our break room fridge with some ice cream bars she purchased from the local Schwan's truck.

I was unaware that Schwan's foods produced any root beer products but to my utter amazement ...... They Do!!!

With the heat wave in full force this root beer frozen treat was just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it a perfect way to cool off during these dog days of summer but a very delicious way to enjoy yourself. The root beer ice shell carries a taste similar to that of the RBB Standard, A&W. The ice cream is creamy and carries a distinct vanilla flavor. Combined these frozen pals make for a great cure of the heat wave blues..... the best part is the Live Smart line are Schwan's low cal food options, this means not only can you enjoy a delicious cure for the heat but it will also be guilt free :)

We Brothers recognize that some of our fans are currently without electricity due to recent severe storms.... Which makes it especially difficult to gain shelter from this blistering heat. Our hearts go out to you.....


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