Monday, July 30, 2012

The Great Bottle Cap Magnet Drop: Summer 2012

With 2000 miles between me and my final destination I decided to take advantage of the situation. I very recently hand made another batch of our bottle cap magnets and in the past enjoyed dropping these at various locations along my many journeys. The more I thought about the many ways and places that I could leave behind a little RBB the more excited I got about this long trip ahead of me!!!! Today I arrived at my destination in Western Ohio having left originally from Northern Nevada..... All along Interstate-80 I dropped our bottle cap magnets in the various stops we made along the way. I dropped them at gas pumps, in rest rooms, on vending machines, and even in geocaches. It is my hope to extend some of this love of root beer along to as many unsuspecting people as possible...... Your welcome :)


Tamra said...

Adam so glad you found a way to add some fun to your long journey!

GourmetRootBeer said...

What a fabulous idea. Now I wish I had something to leave in random places to brighten peoples day with a bit of root beer love.

Mandsies said...

Found a magnet today in a Twinsburg, Ohio geocache!!