Sunday, September 9, 2012

Refreshment to the Next Level: HEB Old Fashioned Root Beer

When I first visited Brother Ray in southern Texas he introduced me to H-E-B!!!! To most of us one grocery store is just as good as the other however, those people obviously do not take their retail experience seriously.... I DO!!!
HEB proved to be, by far, the best grocery store I have ever had the fortune to shop at.... from the fresh produce, the amazing chocolate milk, the 5 pound bags of crawling crayfish, to the nice lady demonstrating how easy it is to perfectly prepare a New York Strip, the all inclusive experience was surreal...... While there I looked for new brew, as I always do. At the time the only store brand they offered was Hill Country Fare.... which proved to be a credit among store brands but a store brand all the same.
On a not so recent visit Ray brought me a bottle of their new store brand.... He teased me first with photographing it and posting it on our fan page. Finally I sat down to indulge in what I expected to be the best store brand brew found within the world of root beer. What I didn't expect was the shower of refreshment that I bathed in while slowly sipping from what can only be described as a Gourmet Brew.
From rags to riches.... This so called store brand is so creamy, full flavored, and perfectly cane sweetened that it easily reigns among the greats of root beer. The bottle alone is a masterpiece, singular in appearance, vintage in style, and ushers in the perception of true craftsmanship. The flavor holds true to the description of being "old fashioned" as it presents with a deep root beer extract followed by a vanilla rinse and then towel dried by a moderately sweetened finish.
Among the greats of root beer only few have achieved the magnitude of gourmet, HEB Old Fashioned Root Beer joins those ranks.... This is the moment when a brew moves from the ranks of ordinary to exemplary .... This brew states that it was made with "pride and care".... essential ingredients for brew worthy of 5 Frosty Mugs!!!!
They say everything is Bigger in Texas.... maybe it's Better as well??

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