Thursday, September 20, 2012

Root Beer Decision 2012 - A&W vs. Fitz's

How can voters decide between the two root beers, one of which will not only be herald as the King of Brew, but also leader of the root beer world?
The 2012 root beer election campaign is almost over except for the debates, which are nothing more than tastes tests.  Unfortunately, obtaining accurate information on the major ingredients during the campaign has turned into a nightmare of too many preservatives and artificial flavors.
Hopefully, the pre-election list below, organized around  issues of taste and historical issues, will help by providing a series of choices that the American people need to make regarding significant issues.  When voters decide between the list options and tally them, they will arrive at the root beer candidate who best represents their individual palate and whom they should vote for on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

Incumbent - A&W 
Born in Lodi, CA in 1919
Owner of
Most widely distributed root beer in the world. 
Initial success achieved through a large chain of roadside root beer stands.
Modern success is a wide reaching restaurant chain where their brew is sold on draft in frosty mugs.
Considered "The Standard" of root beer.
Named after co-founders Roy Allen & Frank Wright.
Number of Facebook Fans: over 150,000

Candidate - Fitz's
Born in St Louis, MO in 1947
Owner of a vintage 1940's bottling line that was restored and used daily.
One of the most widely known micro-brewed root beer.
Initial success achieved through a single drive-inn hamburger stand.
Modern success is a casual dining restaurant where the bottling line can be observed while eating.
Considered a "Premium" brew.
Named after...unknown ... unable to produce historical documentation.
Number of Facebook Fans: just over 6,000

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