Friday, October 19, 2012

Australian Root Beer: Bundaberg

If you ever find yourself on "walk-about" or in "the bush" you may be in for a real treat.  Bundaberg Root Beer promises an "authentic taste of yesteryear" and they easily deliver on that promise.  Maybe "down-under" a person's word is still their bond?

I have enjoyed this imported brew for many years and recently noticed that they had changed their bottles.  Once a large-mouth long-necked bottle Bundaberg is now served in quaint 12.7 oz stubby bottles with a pull-top cap.  This is the only pull-top capped root beer I have ever seen and so that alone was a very awesome characteristic.   The fact that it tastes unbelievably good takes this brew to even greater heights!!!

As I enjoyed the sassafras real sugary goodness of this stout root beer I could not wrap my mind around the fact that it is an import!!!  How was something so true to genuine vintage root beer made in the land of kangaroos????  The fact of the matter is they must have known that if the Aussies were going to like it would have to be good, Very Good!!   Using the old time approach with flavorings like molasses and licorice with just a dash of vanilla they achieved root beer greatness!!  So do I like this root beer.... lets just say I now have yet another reason to visit Australia!!! (as if I need another)

This is an  import that I gladly call a Root Beer...... yes we American's may have invented it but it appears those Australian's have duplicated our efforts and found the perfect recipe to extend their unique approach to our beloved soft drink.  I should note that some of our fans may turn their nose up to Bundagerg Root Beer, the same fans that "Got No Moxie" (that don't like Moxie)... these are stouts brews.... they have a certain earthy taste to them...... bitter-sweet....... full flavored...... these are not drinks you have a dinner party.... these are brews you slam after working a 10 hour shift at the lumber yard..... hard work kind of root beer.... if this doesn't sound like your kind of life.... you may want to stay away from the stout root beer..... but if hard work is something you do with your back..... may we introduce you to the Brew For You!!!!!'s Aussie for Root Beer!!!!
4 Frosty "Aussie" Mugs

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