Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Japanese Vanilla Bees: Old Town Root Beer

I begin with a RANT "if you take the time to bottle root beer and print your web address on the label you could take the next step in maintaining your website!!!!!"  Seriously.... the label proudly lists www.oldtownrootbeer.com and unless this root beer is brewed in Japan I think we have a problem......  the website is in Japanese and has no mention of our American soft drink...and another thing, I spent 4 years in Branson and I stopped in Old Town NEVER..... weird I know, a Rootbeer Brother avoiding a root beer brewer..... unless of course the Branson they mention on the label is in fact in Japan just like their website!!!!  That must be it because the only root beer I ever found in Branson, Missouri was Sioux City.... they love that stuff in Branson..... okay... I think I feel better now :)

So apparently in Branson, Japan they have Vanilla Bees.... Branson, Japan may actually be a cool place!!!  This root beer is a sublime mixture of honey and vanilla and some how integrated gracefully into a root beer base.  I am not a huge fan of honey sweetened brew but this a unique twist that had me reconsidering my opinion.  The brew is lightly carbonated with consistent head, the color is moderate and delivers a subtle bite finish.  In many ways I wished I could get some Japanese Vanilla Bees to make some breakfast syrup for my waffles but I am not as thrilled about the use of their unique sweetness in this root beer.  However, it does reach a quality equal to that of the standard.  I am a little skewed about the website issue and false advertising regarding Branson, but the brew should not beheld accountable for the crimes of its label.....  I am no fan of "guilt by association".  3 Frosty Mugs

click here to check out a non root beer website in Japan: www.oldtownrootbeer.com

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