Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Root Beer Tapper makes Big Screen Debut

In 1983 the hit arcade game "Tapper" featuring a blatant logo of Budweiser was intended to be sold primarily to bars but was often found in arcade rooms across the country. It wasn't long before parents began to question why Budweiser sponsored products were being marketed to children. In response the following year "Root Beer Tapper" was released which had the distinct appearance and game process as the original but with a key difference, the Bud logo was now replaced with the word "Root Beer". Since 1984 kids of all ages have enjoyed pouring fresh digital root beer to thirsty patrons in hopes to score high in accuracy. The "Root Beer Tapper" has been included in many retro game systems over the last 25+ years but this year marks a huge milestone for the game. The Disney release of "Wreck It Ralph" reintroduced the tap master himself serving up brew for thirsty digital patrons. Where else would thirsty, somewhat depressed, game characters go to wet their whistle than the Root Beer Tapper game? We extend our thanks to Disney for casting the Tapper in such a great film!!!! RBB proclaims "Wreck It Ralph" as the official Root Beer Animated Movie of The Year!!!!!!

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