Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bundaberg Root Beer Review

Here is a root beer that intrigued me from start to finish.  The bottle is cool, the “pop top” is cool and the flavor is unique.  This brew comes all the way from Australia.  I did some research at before this review.  This is a family owned business.  They are famous for their Ginger Beer.  They use a five step process for their success.  After tasting their brew they are doing something right.

They tout premium natural ingredients and an old school approach to making root beer.  They tag their brew as distinctive bold taste of yesteryear.  When I pulled the top there was a familiar aroma of my favorite brew.  I took my first swig and right away I could taste the distinctive uniqueness.  There was a citrus like sour bite that boasted me to drink more.  It was a good “chuggable” brew with a good but light carbonation.  The bite grew more distinctive.  I believe this would be a game changer for people that demand a domestic flavor.  Me personally, I really enjoyed it.  I bet many of you may not prefer it.

On to the scoring.  The bottle was really neat, the color was typical and no artificial colors, all natural ingredients, good and very unique flavor, chuggable and Australian.  Overall just fun to drink.  I give this brew a good 4 frosty mugs.  Points reduced for the citric bite which I enjoyed but since I review for all walks of life, I’m sure not all would like the flavor.   If you happen to run upon this brew, try it.  I bet you won’t find this very easily.

~ Marc