Saturday, January 26, 2013

Refreshe Root Beer: Store Brand on a Snow Day

Having recently moved from Nevada an Ohio Snow Day comes too fast.... regardless of when it arrives!!!!  Our Snow Day landed at the outset of the new year...... kids everywhere were overjoyed with the gift of no school and fluffy snow.  I on the other hand longed for my warm memories of Las Vegas.   As I searched for comfort I quickly discovered a brew within my stash that reminded me of those blessed hot days in the desert valley..... a store brand no less.

Safeway is a rather large western grocery store that dots towns in Nevada, California, and Arizona.... in fact I have even seen these stores in other states including Delaware.   While visiting a Safeway back in the west I discovered yet another store brand, "refreshe" not sure what they were going for by departing from our modern English spelling but they get an "A" for unique name....

As my mind pondered the warm memories of the desert sun I chilled my store brew in the 6 inches of snow just outside my front door.  After an hour the brew was ready for review......

As store brands go this one lived up to its name, it was rather refreshing during this cold winter day.  It was just what I needed to pass the time between shoveling my back porch and my front sidewalk.... granted there is just about a million things I would rather do than shovel this cold wet stuff but drinking root beer was well on the top of the list.   The brew was rather sweet with a splash of vanilla creaminess but mostly it covered my palate with fluffy flakes of root beer extract.   It was a solid root beer, no real frills, cheap, tasty...... far better than snow... on any day but Christmas!!!!
2 Frosty Mugs


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Unknown said...

truly surprised to find that this cheap root beer is really better than the average brand of root beer. I like it better than Mug, Barques and find it most comparable with A&W. While it may not be as good as some it is better than many and at an amazing low price.