Sunday, February 24, 2013

H-E-B Brand Root Beer Review


Getting ready to watch my favorite TV show and decided what better way to prep than drink some frosty goodness.  I chose the H-E-B brand.  Not knowing at first where this root beer came from I decided to hold out on the research and just drink it.  It was pleasant to find this brew was very good!  I’d say one of my favorites this year actually.  It’s a very sweet brew to taste, via the pure cane sugar.  Very light on fizz and foam.  One of my type of “chuggin’” brews.  Similar to our standard A&W, just better.  The bottle was “high end” with raised glass embossing, good design and easy to see labeling. 

My cat "Franco"
I found the ingredients were in Spanish.  This brew came from Mexico and made for H-E-B which is a store brand in Texas like Kroger is here in Ohio.  Now I’m really surprised!  A store brand brew with cane sugar and a delicious flavor???  That was not expected.  Why can’t all store brands take that kind of advice?  The only thing I can say negative about it is that I didn’t have another one handy.  There is one small negative I forgot to mention……this brew didn’t have a twist top so I fought the cap until I realized it wasn’t going anywhere without an opener.  The bottle says “Old Fashioned” and with no twist top, it’s true to it’s name.  Speaking of names….Charly Butt even signed it.  Butt???   I love it.  Charly is H-E-B’s president since 1971.  H-E-B has been kept in the family since it’s beginning in 1905.  Good job guys.   Keep your brew like it is.

This brew is in line as my favorite store brand so far.  I give this brew 4 frosty mugs.

~ Marc


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