Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pop-A-Top or Two..... We Will Be Back

As RBB approaches our 6th year of frosty reviewing goodness it has become clear that a change in formatting is desperately needed. Our blog format is rather out of date as well as the way our reviews are presented. With the invent of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest.... and a host of other social media platforms we find ourselves lost in the great shuffle of cyber space.

The Brothers have also experienced many changes in their personal lives which has resulted in very unfortunate circumstances for us at RBB. As the brothers have individually obtained great achievements in their own rites the time needed for them to conduct root beer reviews have become more and more strained. Along with the changes in web design and social media cross presentation the face of RBB will also be changing. We have a new logo, a new review process, and we even have some changes in the brotherhood. Some constants that will remain, A&W will still be the RBB Standard, our www will remain, and root beer will of course continue to be our one and only focus. The changes will be directed by myself and I will remain as a reviewer and primary manager of RBB.

There are some big things planned for later in 2013..... So pop-a-top or two.... RBB will be back!!!!

I wish to extend my deepest thanks to each of the Brothers of RBB over the last 6 years, it has been a delicious and wonderful adventure and each of you touched my life in lasting ways.

I also wish to extend thanks to our dedicated brew loving fans..... you are why we drink like we do... thanks for giving us an excuse!!!  Stick around my friends..... the best is yet to come!!!!!

looking to the future of root beer....

-Adam Rootbeer


GourmetRootBeer said...

Looking forward to seeing the changes, you guys are awesome. I totally understand how life can throw a wrench in reviewing. During school I only found the time to do 2 or 3 reviews some years.

anthony said...

I hope you come back soon, it's been almost 2 years with no Brothers... You are missed.